Lemon will help you improve the quality of sleep and chase away evil spirits

Citrons are fruits rich in vitamin C, protein and minerals. In Japanese culture, they are used in feng-shui and Buddhism. They ward off evil spirits, and if you leave a lemon alone, you can influence your home wellbeing and your mood.

Many cultures have shown that after performing rituals with lemons, they stopped stressing, their lives changed, and they also felt fewer bad emotions. If you’re wondering what you can do with a lemon, read on.

Lemon to improve spiritual energy

You can try the first ritual immediately. All you need is lemon and salt. Cut the lemon into a cross, put a few grains of salt in each piece and reunite the lemon so that the salt is only inside the fruit. Place it under the bed, in the middle of the table or by the front door. The lemon will absorb the negative energy, and the positive energy will remain. After three days, you should see a change.

Source: pixabay.com

The second method is to put a slice of lemon in your wallet or purse (you carry them with you daily). Carry it around in there all day and by evening you will see that it will be dried out. This is because it absorbs other people’s energy around you on the street. Without the lemon, you suck that energy into yourself and it reflects in your behaviour.

Energetic properties of a lemon

Lemon is not just a food. Its fruit attracts love, prosperity and abundance. It will also attract the people you want around you. This is due to the water element in lemon, which is purified of negative energy. 

What else can you use lemon for?

You can use lemon juice to clean your jewellery. This will prevent bad thoughts and negative influences. In turn, you can leach the lemon leaves and drink a glass every night before going to bed. If you endure for at least a week, you will increase your sexual potency. Some individuals have even reported that they noticed a change the very next day.