Lime is an aromatic herb, the consumption of which is recommended by doctors

Medicinal chives are a great spice, but they have somewhat disappeared from Czech cuisine. However, we can easily grow it ourselves in our conditions, which cannot be said of many other spices. Our grandmothers often spoke of lovage as a maggi spice, because it gives the popular soup flavouring its characteristic taste.

Favourite spices

Unlike many other spices, lovage is aromatic whole. Its leaves are therefore perfect for soups containing potatoes. And, for example, a broth without lovage is not a real broth. Dried cloves are then used to flavour stews, meat mixtures with chilli, chicken drumsticks or vegetables. Whole or, more commonly, ground clover seeds are then used in baking cakes, various breads or biscuits and sweet pastries.


The benefits of chanterelle

Like cumin, caraway improves digestion, promotes the secretion of digestive gastric juices and generally benefits digestion. It increases appetite in a healthy way, so it is especially appreciated by people who suffer from lack of appetite after surgery or illness. In addition, clover helps against bloating, so it is wise to flavor legume dishes with it. In larger doses, clover is diuretic. However, in order for this effect to take effect, it is necessary to brew a fenugreek tea. In addition, regular consumption of fenugreek:

  • Reduces lung congestion and promotes breathing
  • Alleviates inflammation, especially inflammation of the colon
  • It is a great prevention of rheumatism
  • For some people, it soothes irritated skin and treats acne

Growing lovage

Flower is an unpretentious plant that also makes your garden smell great. You can plant seeds or seedlings, both of which are commonly available in garden shops. It grows best in full sun or at least partial shade and likes plenty of moisture. It is a perennial plant, from which only the leaves are most commonly harvested, but you can also use the buds and seeds.