Little pests that hide cleverly and drink blood at night. They’ll be driven out by cleanliness

House martins don’t just have to be found in dirty houses. Often you get it from someone on your clothes or in your luggage, other times it can be spread to you by neighbours. Pieces of furniture from second-hand shops are also a problem, where this type of flatworm likes to stick and breed in different households. If it turns up in your area, we can advise you on how to control it.

Proper Control

This insect feeds on the blood of animals and humans. Bedbugs are still appearing in many households and plaguing their inhabitants. You may need to fight them right away, but first you will need to find them. That won’t be so easy. This is because they like inaccessible places such as the backs of paintings, electrical outlets, wall cracks and so on.

They also like to hide in bed, where they have a short path to your body after dark. So check all the places thoroughly and see exactly where bed bugs have hidden in your home.


Signs of a bite

You’ll soon know about uninvited guests, too, thanks to unsightly and itchy bites on the skin that appear mainly at night. The bite is not painful, but the insect will leave a mark on your skin. A red swelling appears on the surface of the skin, which later causes itching. Some people even have an allergic reaction. Most often, bites appear on the abdomen, shoulders and chest.

Get rid of them once and for all

You will do best if you call a professional who has been exterminating bedbugs for a long time and has the necessary equipment to do so as soon as possible. Only then clean the apartment thoroughly. Every crevice, nook and cranny and skirting board. Use aggressive and disinfectant products so that the bedbugs do not come back again if possible. Repeat this procedure several times after a few days to make sure that you have really eliminated the danger.

In future, do not bring used furniture into your home, even from verified second-hand stores. This is because bed bugs may not appear there and will only fully manifest themselves in your home, where you will have a hard time getting rid of them. Make sure you clean your house thoroughly, clean it often and thoroughly, so that no insects stay in your house for long.