Magic tricks to conjure up a cosy home

What is the secret to a comfortable home that makes you feel good? The secret is to decorate nicely, but there are rules to follow here too.

  • good taste
  • interior design

The house must be cozy not only for you, but also for the other inhabitants. Guests should also feel comfortable, and the living room is especially designed for them.

Add personality to the room

You will never achieve a pleasant environment in this room if you only furnish it in cool colours and don’t add some of your personality.

If you are one of the lovers of grey, for example, you must not forget that this makes the environment cold and you need to replenish it with more vibrant colours and combine it with wooden furniture, for example. If you also add a vintage piece, you will add a lot of personality to the room, as this piece of furniture tells a story in itself.

A living room will say something about you if you appropriately place family photographs or something you have accomplished, created or love. It could be sports trophies, a painted picture, souvenirs from a vacation, nice pieces from your collection, books, etc.

Where we feel comfortable, our friends should feel comfortable too.

Don’t forget the lighting


An important part of a living room is properly arranged lighting. Each one lends itself to something different. Therefore, equip your home with multiple lights as well. Use the intense ones when dining or entertaining. Intimate ones when you are relaxing or watching a movie on TV.

Pay particular attention to your bed covers, cushions and carpets. They add colour and warmth to the room. Again, the rule of thumb is to mix colours and patterns appropriately.

Flowers, which are also a decorative element, add a sense of home. In addition, the green colour and care of flowers is very relaxing.

The walls are also an important part of your room. Don’t leave them bare, place pictures or just positive thinking signs there. It doesn’t depend on the style, but only on everyone’s taste.

Even in a small living room, there is room for everything: plants, pictures, rugs, a comfortable sofa – just in a smaller quantity and size.