Make original Christmas decorations easily, even at the last minute

Shopping malls offer a huge variety of home decorations. However, the golden Czech hands are undeniable and self-made accessories, or DIY style, are becoming increasingly popular among Czechs. You can avoid queues in shops and save your wallet at the same time.

Christmas decorations according to your taste

With the Christmas season upon us, make your own paper Christmas decorations. You can decorate your tree to suit your needs and you don’t have to just stick to decorating the tree. You can decorate your whole home with paper accessories.


Paper crafts and creations originated from Japanese origami puzzles. But there are no limits to your inspiration and imagination. On Pinterest and other inspiration sites, you can find many tutorials for folding paper ornaments. You just need the basic tools.

  • Scissors and heavyweight paper
  • A glue stick
  • Glitter, paint and other embellishments

Save nature and your wallet

You save money on your own Christmas decorations. Although decorating paper costs more than regular office paper. Even so, you’ll spend less on paper Christmas decorations than you would on store-bought ornaments. The reward for your efforts will be the feeling of a job well done. Plus, DIY accessories make a great impression on visitors.

Moms with kids will also appreciate putting together Christmas decorations. They will welcome every moment when their children calm down for a while while watching their naughty little ones. Putting together and preparing Christmas decorations together will keep your children entertained and bring you a good time.


In addition, the whole DIY philosophy is based on renewability and recycling. You can even use the Christmas decorations several times in a row. You can also often find recycled papers in shops that come from renewable sources. By making your own decorations, you save not only your own bill but also the environment.

Making paper ornaments is easy. The internet will give you plenty of instructions and inspiration. You can also make your own Christmas decorations under the tree. Christmas decorations made with your own hands will brighten up your home and create a cosy atmosphere.