Make your dream come true and own an apartment by the sea

Have you ever wondered, when you were about to return from a holiday, what it would be like if you could stay there?

This dream doesn’t just have to stay in your imagination, it can become a reality.

We’re not talking about a summer home where transport would be excessively difficult, but a little further away than your neighbour’s cottage probably would be.

This will be about Croatia, which has won many fans with its unique landscape and clear sea. If anyone wants to close the article at this point because it seems financially unaffordable, I will try to convince them otherwise.

You have a choice of two options

  • House
  • Apartment

There are many factors to take into account. One of them is the size of the property, which should depend on the plans you have for the future. Do you only want to use the mansion in the summer, or do you have an idea that you will settle there one day? The choice of a second home is becoming a choice for more and more people, e.g. for retirement, because of its pleasant climate.

By investing in a residence in Croatia you can also save your money. Properties by the sea do not lose their value over the years, you can still earn something in the end.


Price is not only affected by location

Home prices will be different on islands that are popular with tourists and different along the mainland coast. The cost of living tends to be more expensive on islands and just getting to the mainland can be more expensive.

When buying property, prices start somewhere around 1 000 000,- CZK for a plot. The price is not very high these days. But as mentioned, it all depends on the location and distance from the sea.

You can already buy a hot apartment for 1 750 000.-CZK. Here you can see that it is more expensive to buy an apartment in the city, where it is certainly not 100 m to the sea.

Children can spend their summer holidays here and adults can spend their days off. You have a holiday home by the sea, and yet when you get in the car in the evening, you are home in the morning. You don’t have to wait at the airport, buy expensive tickets and spend hours on the plane. Same on the way back, one minute you’re at work and a few hours later you’re watching the sea from your own terrace.

If you have after all started thinking about buying such a holiday home, keep in mind that before making such a serious move, you should be well acquainted with the place. The coastline and nature in Croatia is very diverse, and you can live by a sandy beach just as well as by a rocky rocky shore. It’s up to you. Housing can be found in the city centre or in complete seclusion. Everyone can find something that suits them in every way. Popular places that are easily reachable by car include the island of Krk and Rab. On the mainland you can try the area around Nin, for example Privlaka below the island of Vir.

Also choose well the company through which you will buy the property. It should have experience with the foreign market. Don’t underestimate the reviews!