Make your home cosy and warm in autumn

No other season inspires you to make your home as cosy as autumn.

This may be due to the colourfulness of the season, the ever-shortening days or the presence of damp, cool air. These, and many other stimuli, can inspire us to create a cosy, warm home as a refuge from the coming winter.

Our motto should be

  • warmth,
  • comfort


In winter, there is not enough light, the days tend to be short and mostly gloomy. If you decide to paint or otherwise redecorate your walls during this period, choose natural and light tones. Beige and cream can be good choices.

Decks and scarves

While the weather outside is cold and rainy, a blanket or throw on your sofa can partially replace a warm hug. Try to choose natural materials, as wool or cotton will definitely be more comfortable to your skin than man-made fibers. Try knitted or patchwork patterns. Mix and match colours and sizes, but don’t forget the cushions. A blanket and cushion placed on a sofa conveys the feeling of a warm and sheltered home.


End of cold feet. The rug itself will warm your home. You can combine it in different colours or sizes. You can opt for one large piece in the centre of a room, for example, or a combination of smaller rugs in different colours.


Candles and Fragrances

The cold outside finds its counterpart in the flames of a burning candle. You can combine them in colour and size with copper or glass objects. This will enhance the play of shadows and reflections of light on the walls. Complement the warmth of the candles with room fragrance.

Don’t leave bare walls

Enhance your walls with artwork or photography. Abstract, romantic and other motifs can be depicted in a particular colour tone or in very intense colours. Your summer photographs can also create a feeling of warmth.

Chairs at the entrance

Convinced that chairs only belong in the kitchen? Try putting some nice design piece right next to the front door. Not only will you have somewhere to put your coat or sit your small child before you leave, but it will immediately evoke a sense of home when you arrive.


Play with mirrors, they will provide light, brightness and additional perspective in even the smallest of spaces. The right arrangement can completely change the face of your favorite room.