Many households fail to maintain the right climate in winter, forgetting the simplest solutions

Fresh air has a positive impact on our psyche. It gives us energy, lets us relax and sleep well. It is also particularly important for allergy sufferers who do not tolerate any change in humidity or lack of ventilation. So let’s take a look at what principles are worth maintaining in winter to make your home a healthy environment.

Maintain humidity

As soon as the apartment or house starts to heat up, the humidity slowly disappears. To counteract this, you can use special humidifiers. If you don’t feel like investing in one, just pour water into a larger container or leave the bathtub running. The water will then evaporate and create moisture in your home over the long term.


Call your home

As good as fresh air, scents have an effect on the human mind. Choose a pleasant aroma and keep candles with special oils lit in your home. In addition to the pleasantly moist air, you will also breathe in your favourite scent. A simpler alternative without fire are then air fresheners.

You can also clean the room with a special purifier that captures small particles of dust, making it easier for you to breathe, especially when you suffer from dust allergies.

Adequate ventilation

You should ventilate intensively and briefly. In practice, this means opening windows in several places at certain times to create a draft and bring cool, fresh air into the apartment. Short ventilation will still keep the walls warm and save you money on heating costs. If, on the other hand, you only ventilate continuously all day through a small gap, you will lose heat and not much fresh air will get in.


Grow Plants

Dust regularly and place flowers on shelves that still seem empty. These will help with air filtration, especially if you live in a city or near a busy road. This way, there can be a lot of toxins in the air that will be picked up by a nearby plant instead of your lungs.