Many people have nightmares about throwing things away. However, this equipment can easily end up in a landfill

Everyone wants the perfect home. However, it’s not just about cleaning and tidying. It’s also the things we have that create the magic of home. In many homes, it looks like a warehouse because the owners don’t have the heart to throw some things away. Yet many of them should end up in a landfill. What exactly?

Anything that doesn’t work or is past its zenith

What if we could use it? Only this is a deadly phrase. Buying things is normal, sysliting them not so much. Even in the fridge, we create space by shoving old things in the back – where they take on a life of their own, of course. It’s no wonder then that even a nearly new pâté has a “coat”.

What next? Old calendars, clothes you last wore to last year’s ball, leftover cosmetics, old batteries. Throwing newspapers or magazines in a corner without reading them? Try them online or cancel your subscription altogether.

Source: Pixabay

What you’ve never touched, you don’t need

This gets to the heart of the matter – the things you got on the spur of the moment but never got around to. Ice maker, funny bottle opener? Gone with that.

Go through drawers, cupboards, secretaries, chests of drawers and you’ll find clouds of knick-knacks you never really picked up. The same is the case with old electronics that you “used to want to get fixed”. Get rid of it. Plus, with electronics, a repair can cost more than a new piece.

Indefinite borrowing and pure nostalgia

Is that hatchet in the hallway yours, or did you borrow it from your neighbor last Christmas for the tree and he forgot about it? Browse the rooms to find other things you forgot to return.

Do you have stacks of letters and postcards that are just an anchor of the past that will never live again? Thank them for their memories and say goodbye.

Time that will never come back is just an anchor holding you in the past. Just like all those serepettes we mentioned before. And until you get rid of those anchors, you can never properly move on – to new experiences, relationships and future memories.