Most women damage their hair at home, by washing and drying it unwisely, which they consider to be the right thing to do.

Most women dream of having healthy and beautiful hair, but they often unknowingly deal a blow to their hair with their everyday attitude. Healthy hair must be given enough care to retain its beauty. With a poor attitude towards grooming, their quality deteriorates and the reality is getting worse day by day. The dream of hair that charms every man can easily be achieved, although not all of us will achieve this goal as easily. Learn the principles of proper grooming and never make the same mistakes again. 

High Temperatures Wreak Havoc

The interesting thing is that we don’t have to spend money on expensive preparations or visits to the hairdresser. Just change your daily habits and the condition of your hair should improve significantly. The easiest thing of all is to realise that ironing and any other heat treatment, including blow-drying, is not good for your hair. Instead of suddenly blow-drying your still-wet hair, gently towel-dry it, and detangle your still-wet hair. Avoid using too much force, which will damage the hair. Then blow-dry with warm air.


No need for too much shampoo

And washing your hair plays an important role, because hot water is just as damaging to it as too hot air. It is best to wash your hair at a moderate temperature. Often people also have the misconception that washing their hair as often as possible is good for it, but the opposite is true. Intense care weakens the hair. Also, just a small teaspoon of shampoo per wash is enough, there is no need to waste and spill shampoo all over your palm. 


Homemade cosmetics doesn’t take much time

Some people today are turning to home-made cosmetics in order to give their hair the best care, save money and benefit the environment. Try, for example, a mask made of honey, olive oil and eggs against hair breakage. Mix the ingredients, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash your hair. For dandruff, don’t be afraid to use a litre of water mixed with the juice of one lemon. Soak your hair in it and leave it for 20 minutes. For grease, the snow of 5 egg whites helps, which is left on until it dries.