Moving from a big house to a small apartment is a nightmare for which only proven tricks apply

They say it’s better to burn out than to move. The fact is that if you are moving to a similarly sized layout, you only need to figure out the logistics. And for that, you can hire a moving company. But it can be much worse when you’re moving from big to small. Whatever the reasons, one single question comes to mind: Where to take all the stuff? That’s when you need to start thinking, organising, sorting and, most importantly, compromising. That’s also when you realise that you need a lot less stuff to live your life than you thought. What to do if you are facing a similar step in your life? Use proven advice to help you settle into even the smallest of properties.

The basics are sorting and proper organisation

Donate, sell or throw away furniture that you no longer need, want, is broken or simply won’t be accepted by your new home. Buy new, refurbish old and combine the one you want. Take the time to sort through your clothes, throw out the damaged ones and donate the unwanted ones to charity. Do you really need 3 sets of pots in your kitchen? Get rid of everything you don’t need. However, at this point don’t forget one thing – think of the smaller space you have to fit everything you keep in. Therefore, always imagine where you will put that piece of furniture or store that item. Think about the organisation of the whole space, try to think practically and imagine everything already done. If you think about the layout of the whole apartment in advance, you will save yourself a lot of trouble when moving in.

Source: Pixabay

Don’t forget your trusty sidekicks

Although you may want to get a few helpers to assist you when moving into a very small space. In spaces where you’ll be fighting for every inch, you can’t do without this “holy trinity.”

  • Elevated bed
  • Fitted and practical furniture
  • Storage bins and boxes

You know that in small spaces you have to give vent to creativity. Eventually you’ll find that an office under the bed is a pretty romantic place, that books, flowers, photos, candles and decorations can all be held on a single shelving system, or that having the toilet and bathroom in the same room actually comes in handy sometimes.