My husband is boring and gets on my nerves

We married out of a great love. He was not only my lover, but my best friend. What I always appreciated about him was that he had a calm nature, was hardworking, had his feet firmly on the ground and would sacrifice everything for his family. Unfortunately, after a few years, I found him incredibly boring. Our relationship had lost all momentum. Every day he acts the same as the day before. The spark is gone. But he hasn’t noticed it at all, and he’s happy beyond measure.

I was looking for a life partner

I come from a family where relationships were not very good. I don’t see my siblings much either and we don’t get along. All the responsibility rested on my mom, since my dad left us right after my youngest sister was born. I’ve seen how hard it is to pull everything off by yourself. Mom often broke down under the pressure. I tried to help her as much as I could. At the same time, I resolved that my partner would be

  • responsible
  • reliable

Nothing else mattered to me. I wanted someone who wasn’t like my dad. Someone I could rely on 100%. I decided I wasn’t gonna be like my mom. Then I met my current husband. We met in high school. We dated for a while, and after a year, I found out I was pregnant. I was afraid he was gonna leave me. But he was responsible. He stayed and took care of me and our baby. We had a healthy baby boy and I’ve never been happier.


Family Idyll

Son is now an adult and will be moving out soon. And that’s what I dread most. What comes after that. At least with him in our house there is some commotion, something going on. But once he leaves, it’ll just be me and my husband. And he’s terrible. He only goes to work or he’s at home. Sometimes he goes to the pub with his friends.

We don’t have any experiences together. We never go anywhere together. I’ve been trying to think of something, but he’s always against it. He’s incredibly lazy. I’ve really developed an aversion to him lately. I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be able to keep this up.