Nasty little biting insects can hide in places where few people expect them

Insects in gardens are not uncommon. But it’s worse if they start moving indoors. When it comes to garden cottages, we can still understand and respect that. But when it’s our home, clean and well-kept, it can be a problem. Especially if that annoying, pesky and also dangerous insect is a bed bug. These can hide in a number of places that we often completely underestimate during inspections. From there, they regularly emerge and threaten our health. And how can you tell if bedbugs are threatening you? Take a look at all the places they can hide. That’s them.

Cabinets, dressers and clothes

The closet and other storage areas for clothes are popular places for bed bugs. They thrive in textiles, preferably ones you don’t move often. So bedding, towels, t-shirts, etc. If you have found these insects in your closet, act immediately and put everything in the freezer or outside if the weather is freezing. Then wash all textiles at least 60°C.

Source: Pixabay


The best and most ideal place for bed bugs remains the bed. It is the breeding ground where they thrive the most, but they can also occur behind wallpaper on the wall. However, this is already extreme and means that bedbugs are spreading around the apartment or house. The same is true of books. Bed bugs can also occur here. Especially in old and dusty books that have not been read for a long time. Unfortunately, the easiest way to get rid of them is to throw the books away.


Carpet is also a fabric where bed bugs congregate and breed incredibly well. Even regular vacuuming won’t help. Bed bugs crawl deep into the carpet fibers and a vacuum cleaner won’t remove them. If you find this, it is a good idea to call an exterminator and remove the bedbugs that way. Other places where bedbugs like to stick:


  • Electrical outlets
  • Textile loungers and chairs

Bugs like to nest in drawers too. The drawer contains small holes that serve as a hiding place for the bugs. So do chairs and recliners that have fabric on them. If you find these insects on the chairs you place around the house, you run a high risk of spreading them everywhere. Check all these places and be sure. If you discover any, don’t wait to call in the experts. Don’t be shy, you can take bed bugs with you on public transport or on holiday.