Natural materials in colour contrast dominate the trends in interior design this year

The world’s architects and designers have evaluated last year and predicted what trends await us in interior architecture this year. What will dominate our spaces in 2021, and what home accessories will play a major role? It will definitely be the colours of 2021, namely grey and yellow, both colours will be important this year. They will bring us strength, optimism and faith in a better future.


Interior spatial changes

The interior spaces will be minimalist in nature, ensuring a well-organized space for us to work and relax. The interior can be divided into zones that will be adapted to the individual needs of each member of the household. However, the trend will also follow natural elements to induce well-being and a clear mind. The emphasis on unusual but sustainable natural materials will be unmistakable. Which natural accessories and pieces of furniture to choose?

  • Living plants indoors will clean the air and bring harmony.
  • Furniture, lighting or other rattan accessories will be pleasing to the eye and soul.
  • Natural or floral motifs on decorative textiles, floor coverings or wallpapers will soothe.

Flavors, Colors and Interior Philosophy

In a minimalist home, raw engineered wood, stone and quartz will be the dominant materials. The interior will honor simplicity, intimacy and modesty in the spirit of the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. More colourful ceramics will make a comeback. Bathroom sanitary fittings, such as the washbasin or bathtub, will follow the trend for matt colours, while toilet bowls will be in a dark contrasting colour. They will thus contrast with the pastel colours of the rest of the bathroom and the entire apartment. The bathroom walls can be fitted with increasingly modern wallpapers designed specifically for these spaces. The interior colours will be dominated by grey in the ultimate grey tone and bright yellow in the illuminating shade. Pieces that combine the two colours in an appropriate way will particularly catch the eye.