Neglected nut tincture is better for human health than any chemistry

It is a well-known fact that nuts are healthy. It is not recommended to eat them all the time because of the fats they contain, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some every now and then. But did you know about the effects of nut tincture?

What is it good for and what does the tincture mean

A tincture is a dye or also a liquid medicine. Since the shells of nuts have colouring properties, they are used in cosmetology. The nut tincture can then be used in many other ways.

  • is effective in fighting diarrhea
  • supports the digestive system and the production of juices in the stomach
  • has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and detoxifying effects

Other tinctures

We mainly divide them according to their effects and abilities. It can also be used against parasites, however, with this concoction it is slightly dangerous for pregnant women and it is therefore better to dilute it thoroughly with water. And it does not have to be only from walnuts, it is also very effective from peanuts. The latter is the best choice if you suffer from stomach ulcers. It rids you of toxins and regenerates the mucous membrane. Thanks to its bactericidal effects, it is often used to treat the intestines. One foreign study even proved that it effectively fights diabetes. In fact, consuming nuts controls glucose and lipid levels, and this prevents a severe course.

How it is made

It is a process entirely based on your patience. For the preparation itself, all you have to do is pour alcohol over the nuts. It’s best to use nuts that are still unripe, as they are easier to chop. Remember to wear rubber gloves when handling the fruit, though, as the skins can turn the skin brown. Depending on the future purpose, choose the type of production. Of course, the tincture will taste better if you add cinnamon, vanilla pod, cloves or nutmeg. But if you need it for medicinal purposes, no flavourings should be added. It is important to let it sit for a month afterwards. Then filter it and age it again. At this stage, we shake it regularly. Finally, we just leave it in the cellar for six months.