Neither chemistry nor back bending is needed against snails. It’s enough to keep a prickly animal in your garden

Riders often wander, walk and stomp around parks, orchards or gardens at night. They are comfortable in varied and natural green spaces. They easily find a place to rest, raise their young there and seek shelter for the winter. This terrain also offers hedgehogs plenty of food.

The hedgehog as a gardener’s friend, ridding him of many pests


The Hedgehog will easily rid you of snails and other insects that make the lives of garden owners miserable. Snails leave behind damaged plants and destroy crops. The hedgehog is one important ally in the fight against these pests. Those who have a hedgehog in their garden will save a lot of time and work, and most importantly avoid the use of chemical products.

But how do you create a hedgehog-friendly garden? He prefers a clipped hedge, a 1.5cm high lawn and leaves all around. For the hedgehog, snails are a protein-rich food. But if a hedgehog eats a poisoned snail, it could even kill it.

Provide the hedgehog with a haven in the garden and a place to hide. The thorn bushes will protect his hiding place from other animals that may be in or passing through the garden. A flowering hedge will attract other insects that are also hedgehog food. Create piles of leaves, wood and stones at the edge of the garden. A piece of tarpaulin will protect the shelter from the rain.

Hornets hibernate in winter shelters and come out in spring



When the ambient temperature drops below 10 degrees, hedgehogs go into hiding to survive the winter. Their body temperature drops to 5-6 degrees and they can stay at that temperature until spring, when the temperature outside is around 15 degrees.

Their fat reserves are still sufficient to restore their normal body temperature, which is between 35-37 degrees. After that, the hedgehog must drink and eat a lot to make up for the long months of fasting. You can also buy ready-made houses for hedgehogs to place in a sheltered area where they can rest.