Never throw away old newspapers. They will find their use in every garden

Do you also have a pile of unused newspapers at home to collect? Wait a little longer before you take them there. There might be some use for them other than recycling or landfill. How about gardening? If you spend a lot of time in your garden, they’ll be very useful there. These are their main benefits for weed control:

  • Saves you a lot of time
  • No more weeding
  • Your beds stay clean

Fight weeds

Removing weeds can be an unpleasant and arduous task. You probably know the drill. No sooner have you pulled the weeds than they’re there again a week later. Just endless work. But now we’re going to show you a simple trick to get rid of it using old newspapers. It’s really very simple and physically easy. All you will need is just the old newspaper that you have already read and were about to throw away.


How to do it

Gather enough old newspapers to cover the selected areas you want to keep weeds out. Place the newspaper around the plants you have already planted. Then sprinkle them lightly with a garden hose so that they are not wet, but rather just moistened. Sometimes it is advisable to wait a few hours, but you can cover them with mulch almost immediately. Apply a thick layer and be really careful about this so that you don’t collect them from the neighbours in a strong breeze. By covering the weeds, you prevent sunlight and fresh air from reaching them. Over time, the weeds will suffocate and die, including the roots!

The perfect effect

When you use newspaper you save money on tarpaulins at the garden shop, which is definitely worthwhile, especially if you have a lot of overgrown beds. The extra mulch bark will also make the beds look nice and tidy. Now, you may be thinking that the newspaper will decompose over time and the weeds will grow back. Yes, the newspaper will indeed decompose over time, but before that happens, it will smother any unwanted weeds and your beds will remain beautifully clean after decomposition.