No repellent for martens, experts say just have a dog or cat

The marten is a weasel-like carnivore that is relatively common in our territory. In fact, one might even say it is more common than many people would like. In the countryside, martens may venture into the hen house in search of food. Hens usually survive their raids, but martens like to suck their eggs. Martens can also often be found in cottages or cottages, which they can penetrate thanks to their slender and flexible bodies. The marten will then build a den in a hard-to-reach place and you will only detect its presence after a while by smelling it. The unpleasant odour will give it away.

Territorial Beast

The marten, like other highly territorial beasts, marks its territory in a way that is not very pleasant for the owners of the property in its territory. In fact, martens usually mark their territory with excrement and urine. And unlike other beasts, they are not shy about strategically placing their own excrement in their own den.


How to catch a marten

The best method, but also the most difficult, is to catch a marten alive and take it into the woods, preferably somewhere far away so it can’t return on its own. This option is also suitable because martens are protected in the Czech Republic for most of the year and can only be destroyed during the winter, or from November to February. To catch a marten, you will need a suitable trap, which you can buy in a hobby market.

Traps with two entrances in which to place the bait are best. These traps look a bit like pet crates. And they work very similarly, the marten climbs in, activating the trap mechanism which closes and locks the door behind it. Just be careful that the marten is not locked in the trap for too long, then it could starve and die of thirst.


If trapping a marten is not an option in your case, you can use one of the other options, such as:

  • Get a dog or cat, other carnivores are competition for the marten and your pets are likely to win the battle for territory
  • Buy a sonic or scented repeller