Normal walking is more beneficial to the body than we think. Just a few steps and everyone can feel the changes

When we say walking, everyone imagines only the necessary movement from one place to another. So we perceive this movement rather practically. But the reality is that walking can also be seen as something truly beneficial, even unique. Few people know it, but sometimes it only takes a few steps and miracles start to happen to our bodies. Those who have tried it confirm it. Those who have not yet taken their first walk should give it a try. It will show you why it’s a good idea to do this basic movement regularly.

Source: Pixabay

Benefits of an exercise called walking

Many people don’t realize that walking is also exercise and if they walk, they will greatly benefit their fitness and overall health. The undeniable benefits of walking as a rediscovered exercise include its:

  • price – unlike many other exercises, you don’t have to pay for walking, but it is worth investing in good quality shoes and possibly health insoles to support the arches of your feet
  • local and time availability – you can walk anywhere, the choice is entirely up to you, you can choose a different route each day, for example, you can walk to work if you can, as part of maintaining and developing your fitness; you can also walk at any time, morning, afternoon, evening and even at night if it suits you
  • effect on posture and overall strengthening of the body.

How to get started with active walking

The most important thing is to stop thinking about regular walking and get started. In the beginning, depending on your current fitness, weight and also your health, you can start with shorter stretches and gradually lengthen them. You will see for yourself how soon you will start to find this activity satisfying and how your city will suddenly seem smaller because you can walk everywhere faster than before.

We feel it necessary to mention, however, that healthy walking means active walking, that is, walking at a certain steady pace that puts some strain on you. You should also not have a load on just one part of your body, such as your bag. Ideally, you should go without luggage, but if you need to carry it, we recommend a functional backpack with a padded back and straps and a ventilation system.

Hiking is also ideal for taking time to transition into running, which is also natural for humans and brings other positives.