Not only fresh plant is beneficial. Storing aloe vera in the freezer has surprising benefits

Aloe vera is an interesting plant at first sight. It is already fascinating by its appearance, especially its leaves. And it also impresses with what the substances contained in them can do. In fact, the list of substances it contains is quite impressive and includes amino acids, minerals, but also vitamins A, B12, C or E. If you have a plant growing on your windowsill, you can cut off a piece and use it immediately. But this is not the only way to ensure that the unique medicinal properties of this plant are effective. It will also provide benefits when you don’t have it fresh, but when you take it out of the freezer. Why use it for storage?

A great way to best preserve the gel and its effects is to freeze it. Not only is this method of preservation very easy and practical, as you will always have your ‘dose’ of aloe on hand, but freezing also helps preserve the essential properties of aloe vera for a little longer.

What to prepare and how to proceed

To have on hand:

  • Large stem
  • Plastic ice tray
  • Sharp knife
  • Spoon

There are several varieties of aloe vera, so it is best to choose one that suits our climate conditions. However, there is one rule for “harvesting” the stems of all varieties – you will get the best of them in their first year of growth. Separate the large stem from your plant and gently remove the outer skin.

Source: Pixabay

It pays to be careful with this step so as not to separate the skin, including the gel. To remove it, use a spoon to gently wipe it off the stem. Using the spoon and your fingers, distribute the gel into the individual parts of the tray. You can put the aloe prepared in this way in the freezer. However, to improve its effects, you can store it in the refrigerator before storing:

  • Add the juice of half a lemon to the gel, or add one drop to each piece.
  • Infuse the gel with vitamin E, which you can buy in capsule form at the pharmacy.

What does aloe vera help with?

The extract of this plant contains saponins that are effective against viruses, bacteria and infections, making it effective in treating burned skin. It also contains pain relieving substances. The gel cubes will also help with varicose veins or swollen limbs. They will help with healing of burn scars or blisters. In the area of human skin, aloe vera is a good help in treating acne and making homemade face masks, just mix it with honey or avocado. In addition to the outside, this natural remedy can also help from the inside. When consumed daily, it improves digestion, especially in case of constipation, or regulates weight gain.

Aloe vera is a wonderful helper from nature. By storing it by freezing, it will provide you with its healing benefits for a little longer. However, it is important to remember that this natural antibiotic can also cause harm if overused. Therefore, here too, follow the motto that less is sometimes more.