Not only in summer, these unique flowers can also bloom during winter

Although winter is not one of the seasons we associate with flowering gardens, there are some flowers that come to life in winter. And they are definitely worth planting in your garden. In fact, they brighten up your garden when most plants are resting under a layer of snow. Which ones are they?

  • Black hellebore
  • Heathwort
  • Early Primrose
  • Middle Vine
  • Jasmine blossom
  • Scented viburnum


Flowers to delight us in autumn

Jasmine is a plant that is rarely found in our gardens, which is a shame. It is a very decorative plant whose first flowers can be seen as early as the end of October. They are bright yellow and grow on thin, leafless shoots. It is advisable to let the jasmine climb up a structure.

Plants flowering in December

Black hellebore is sometimes called the “Christmas rose”. This is because its flowers can first appear before Christmas. It likes partial shade and shady places protected from the wind. It is very undemanding and tolerant of cold temperatures.

Vilena intermedia has yellow, orange or slightly red flowers. They appear from December or January and last until March. However, it will also delight us in autumn as its leaves turn a beautiful orange and red colour.

Heather is an evergreen and can flower in December if conditions are right. They thrive in a sunny location or in partial shade and in slightly acidic soil. You should also protect them from frost, as they can freeze or dry out during harsh winters.


Flowers to wait until January

During mild winters, viburnum flowers appear as early as January, while in harder winters they don’t appear until March. The calla lily has pink buds that turn white over time and – as the name suggests – smell wonderful. The leaves turn reddish-brown in autumn.

The flower forms bell-shaped flowers about 3 cm across and first blooms during February. The outer petals are bright yellow, while the inner petals are purple. Another characteristic of the winterflower is its pleasant, intense fragrance. As this is a plant native to China, it is a good idea to protect it from hard frosts with mulch bark or fabric.