Ordinary bay leaf reliably repels known pests and improves the complexion of women

Have you ever had a cockroach visit your home? If so, it probably wasn’t a very pleasant sight. Maybe it nearly gave you a heart attack or caused you to become depressed. But that’s over now! In this article, we’ll give you advice on how to get rid of it and prevent these unpleasant experiences forever.

Oh, that cockroach!

You probably didn’t know that the cockroach is the toughest species on the planet. It’s so hardy that it can survive for almost a month without eating. It doesn’t even have a problem with sudden environmental changes, and can happily resist many chemicals. Remarkably, once cockroaches find a good food source, they leave pheromones for each other, so they reproduce rapidly.

Careful of chemicals

Because cockroaches leave their excrement everywhere they go, it is advisable to expel them from your home as soon as possible, as they can cause serious infections. However, be careful what you use. If you have small children or pets at home, you should avoid chemicals, as they are dangerous and do not always work as expected. It is far more effective and safer to rely on bay leaves.

Source: Pixabay.com

How to make a cockroach

You don’t have to go far to reliably repel a cockroach, because you’ll already have the solution at home, and that’s a simple bay leaf that you commonly use in the kitchen. Crush the leaves of this spice into small pieces to extract as much essential oil as possible and then place them in various parts and corners of the house. Examples of suitable places are:

  • Wall corners
  • Around the door
  • Storage areas

Bay leaf effects

While bay leaves won’t kill cockroaches, they are definitely a great repellent. In addition, it has many other benefits. It is a mild sedative, improves memory and sleep. It can even help with diabetes, as it effectively lowers blood sugar levels. It helps against cramps, pain and inflammation! In addition, it can also relieve dry and irritating coughs. Just mix it with a little lemon and sugar. If you want to make more for your stock, mix 250 ml of lemon juice with 500 g of sugar and add 15 bay leaves. After an hour of simmering, you should have syrup in the world.

Make a broth

His broth is also very useful. It can effectively fight acne and other unpleasant rashes on the face. Therefore, it is definitely worth giving it a try. The preparation is very simple. You will only need a few of these leaves and a liter of hot water. After leaching, soak a piece of cloth in it and wash your face with it regularly. Acne will be a thing of the past!