Patients without Covid symptoms may be at risk, problems come later

No one doubts that people who have had Covid – 19, and have had some of the symptoms that characterize this disease, may have some persistent difficulties even after cure. However, what about patients who have not had any symptoms. It’s an interesting question, and so researchers are trying to shed some light on this issue as well.

Are people without symptoms safe?

A study on this topic was conducted by researchers at the Houston Medical Institute. To their surprise, even people who had no symptoms of the disease carried the effects of the disease. The effects of the disease do not show up immediately, but only after some time. After a few months. This is particularly worrying because no one knows what kind of effects they will have. The virus affects the central nervous system, causing loss of taste and smell. And this fact has prompted scientists to begin research on the subject. In the study, researchers found that up to 70% of asymptomatic patients complain of some health problems up to 4 months after contracting the disease.

What do we still not know about the virus?

The Covid – 19 virus seems to keep surprising us not only by the fact that it has mutated since it first appeared. Some mutations are more, others less contagious. And the number of symptoms of the disease is also increasing, and with it the number of consequences. So to summarize the symptoms, the course, and the consequences, we will need to do more research and studies. And in the meantime, more people are getting sicker, more infected, and the second wave now in the fall is even stronger than the first. We see this in some countries around the world where health care capacity is running at 100%. Because as the number of sick people rises, so do the health workers. So even when we have beds available, there is no one to care for patients in serious condition. And that’s not the end of it.

What we can do about it.

There aren’t many options for what to do about it yet. It’s best not to get infected at all. That’s why everyone, without distinction, should take precautions. Scientific research shows that both people with symptoms and those without carry the consequences of the disease. This is very worrying, because subsequent treatment means further restrictions for those already cured, a burden on the health system, and it is not at all certain that everyone will recover from the effects of the disease. Even if more studies are conducted as the disease progresses and more data and knowledge are added, each patient will still suffer the consequences of the disease for a long time. Some for the rest of their lives. And it’s not certain that we’ll have permanent immunity after the infection. That’s where finding an effective vaccine can help us to vaccinate as many people as possible in a very short time.