People are swapping luxury apartments and houses for mobile homes, which may not offer comfort but have other benefits

Housing is one of the basic human needs. Most people dream of either a big house or a spacious apartment. With modern architecture and luxurious appearance. But not everyone can afford something like that, and more importantly, not everyone wants something like that. There are also people who will trade the comfort of a classic property for a van. Many people don’t understand this, but for fans of what can be described as a vanlife lifestyle, it’s something they don’t want to change. Why is that?

Van life has its pros

Vanlife is becoming a trend around the world and the community of these people is growing all the time. In the beginning it was a few enthusiasts who converted their van themselves, but over time it has spread all over the world. Today, there are even companies that will do the entire conversion for you. And why is it so popular?

  • you travel very cheaply because you save completely on accommodation
  • you get rid of your possessions, and start enjoying more freedom
  • you get away from the boring stereotype that a stable home used to bring

This is obviously a huge step, because it means you’ll probably have to quit your job and find one that you can do online. You’re also leaving your friends and family behind. It can be hard at first, but if you get used to a little discomfort over time, it’s definitely worth it.

Source: Pixabay

And in case you don’t want to move completely…

There is, of course, a second option. If you don’t want to move, you can just use your newly upgraded van to get around. You’ll save on unnecessarily expensive accommodation and it’ll be much more comfortable to move around in. Of course, you mustn’t idealise it completely, thinking that you’ll be able to park it anywhere and then enjoy the solitude and beautiful panoramas. You are still constrained by various laws and regulations. But that’s just a small thing that shouldn’t bother you. And in case you’re still not entirely sure that buying a van is a good idea, there are plenty of blogs on the internet about van life to help you out. There have even been a few books published, so if you’re really interested, it’s possible to read about other people’s experiences.