People often start with vertical greenery for aesthetics, later discovering the benefits and the beneficial effect on the climate

Green areas, utility and ornamental gardens can be indulged even where space is scarce. Are you familiar with vertical gardens and green spaces? At a time when the topic of water retention in the landscape is gaining importance, vertical green walls are the solution.

Utility vertical gardens


We can also have them on the balcony or where lack of space doesn’t allow for traditional gardening. They are suitable for herbs, vegetables, even strawberries can be grown this way. There is nothing like growing your own produce, because then we know what we are eating. Various ready-made hanging systems can be purchased for this type of growing. But we can also use pallets, which must be covered with foil or non-woven fabric to prevent the soil from spilling out. Textile pockets, for example, are also suitable, and old cans, pots or PET bottles need not be wasted either.

Green facades and their benefits

In cities that use smart practices for their operations, climate and water management can also be addressed with green areas on the walls of buildings, called green facades. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, green walls have a positive impact in the following aspects in particular:

  • increase humidity;
  • decrease the ambient temperature in summer;
  • affect the infiltration of rainwater;

The exterior green walls of houses also act as thermal insulation, increasing indoor comfort and saving money spent on heating costs.

Vertical greenery as decoration

The interior of an apartment, house or business can be beautified with green images. Again, this is a vertical planting. Different types of mosses or succulent plants are ideal, but common types of houseplants planted in a frame and grown vertically also look nice. Mature plants are suitable; small seedlings do not look compact. Living plant pictures are a unique decoration that calms the mind, has an aesthetic effect, and also cleans the air in the room.