Perfectly clean washing machine thanks to 4 special ingredients

It’s strange to think of a washing machine as something that can get dirty. On the other hand, it makes sense. It’s used to wash dirty things that we pull out nice and clean and smelling good. Unfortunately, all the dirt doesn’t run off with the dirty water. Some of it builds up over time until the washing machine is simply filthy.

How do you know if your washing machine is dirty?

Ideally, take the time to clean your washing machine regularly, once every few months. Also, learn to recognize a few warning signs that your washing machine is dirty.

  • An unpleasant smell comes from the washing machine
  • Clothes don’t smell fresh
  • At first glance, you can see dirt in the drum or on the gasket
  • The drain filter often gets clogged

Simple instructions for cleaning a washing machine

Fortunately, fixing a dirty washing machine is nothing complicated or expensive, and you can make do with the things you normally have at home. Specifically, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Lemon acid
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Dishwasher tablets

Cleaning procedure for washing machine

When cleaning the washing machine, start by washing the detergent compartment. Ideally, pull the drawer out completely and rinse in a detergent. Next, prepare a pot with 6 litres of water to which you add half a sachet of citric acid and half a sachet of ascorbic acid. Pour this mixture into the drum and run the programme at the highest possible temperature. Then open the washing machine and clean the filter. The next step is to add about 4 tablets to the washer, which you also put directly into the drum and run the program on high temperature. Finally, clean the door seals and the opening of the washing machine itself. If the washing machine was really dirty, put more tablets in the machine and start the washing programme again.

When you pull out clothes washed in a clean washing machine, you can definitely tell the difference. So try to keep regular intervals and think about cleaning. Not only will this help your laundry smell better, but you’ll also improve the life of your washing machine, which won’t be plagued by that limescale build-up.