Plants definitely belong on the desk and don’t get in the way of a minimalist

Interacting with nature obviously has a positive effect on the work we do. Plants relax us, regenerate us, ensure better concentration and have a perfect effect on our health. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a plant not only in the study but also on your desk. Yes, it will take up some space on your desk, but it’s worth sacrificing a little space for such positive effects. We all spend a significant part of our day at our desk, so we should make it as pleasant as possible.

Plants freshen up our working atmosphere

Forget about artificial plants. Living greenery has a regenerative and relaxing effect on the human body. After all, it is generally known that the colour green gives a sense of calm, security and improves the atmosphere indoors. So why shouldn’t this also be the case with living plants, for which the colour green is typical?


We often suffer from fatigue, headaches and eye pain at our jobs, in schools, at our desks or in doctors’ offices. Our well-being is disturbed by too much air conditioning and, in winter, excessive heating. Dry coughs and drowsiness are typical symptoms. Even electronics don’t help us feel tired. That is why we should compensate for these conditions at least with the presence of living plants. Plants induce a sense of well-being, clean the air of carbon dioxide, but also of toxins that make it difficult for us to work.

What plants should you get for your desk

One of the least demanding plants is purple mustard. It is very easy to care for and as a bonus it blooms all year round. It prefers to be planted in peat and sun, but not direct sunlight. Just water it once a week in a pot, it can’t tolerate water on its leaves.

Another suitable plant is oxalis. This plant also flowers profusely and almost continuously in its time. It alternates flowers one after another. It prefers consistently slightly moist soil. It is a plant that is grateful for any conditions. It seeks diffused light, but will do well in a shady corner of a table. It is a small plant, so it will fit on even the smallest of desks.


And the famous aloe vera is the right companion for the job. It includes more than 300 different species, so there really is something for everyone. It is a succulent that is used to dry conditions, so it is a good idea to forget about it occasionally rather than overwatering it. It stores water in its fleshy and succulent leaves. It requires a sunny habitat without draughts.