Plastic is sometimes better than natural materials in the garden

Do you love natural materials and think we’re crazy? The opposite is true. Maybe you insist that wooden furniture, stone pathways and baked clay canopies are the best? Maybe you’ll change your mind. A garden isn’t just about being natural and beautiful, it’s also about being practical. And in some cases, plastic is much better because it saves you a lot of work, looks just as good and works better. The best examples are:

  • flowerpots and planters,
  • furniture,
  • greenhouses.

Plastic pots and planters

After a short time, ugly maps appear on clay pots that cannot be removed in any way. What’s more, you can break them quite easily. So forget about them. Plastic ones are lightweight and strong at the same time. They withstand impact well and won’t be destroyed by frost or hot summers. The smooth surface makes them very easy to clean.

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The big advantage is that you can reuse them even if there was a sick plant in them before. This is because with a plastic container, there is no risk of disease transmission. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that in a clay pot the water you provide to the plant gradually evaporates. This does not happen with plastic and can be a problem for some plants.

Practical furniture

You may not like it, but plastic furniture is in high demand on the market. Forget the cheapest one right away, because it won’t last very long. But if you invest a little and go for the happy medium, it won’t yellow or crack. The advantages are low weight, high stability and easy maintenance. In addition, you can also get a plastic wicker version, which you can’t tell from classic rattan.

Replace your old greenhouse

You won’t find many greenhouses made of real glass anymore. They are now made from polycarbonate sheets, which can withstand much more than glass. The biggest positive is the great insulating properties. As a result, there are no big temperature fluctuations inside the structure. The fillings are very lightweight yet durable. And best of all – they don’t just break! It won’t be damaged by hail, a pebble bounced off the mower or a ball impact.