Popular songs in the coronavirus era attract those who don’t want to give up singing

The coronavirus has infiltrated music. Bands and singers couldn’t perform, so some recorded a song about the epidemic or the scarves. Immediately, Supernoty.cz reacted to the current events by converting the songs into sheet music so that anyone who wanted to could play and sing them.

The first to come up with a musical guide „How to deal with the coronavirus“ was the singer-songwriter Pokáč, who wrote two songs for the current pandemic as part of his „Rychlovky“ series. The first he called „How to corona virus“, and the second „What to do during a quarantine“.

Source: Pixabay.com

The band Mirai, who recorded the song „Give yourself a drape“ along with Nikol Stybrova, have taken up the cause of educating people to wear drapes. A music video was also created, with other Czech celebrities joining in.

The Wohnout band tackled the topic of how not to fall off the pace during a concert break. The result was a brisk „coronavirus“ song with a catchy chorus „We’re at rehearsal in a cloak / I can’t see your face“, which was co-written by Dara Rolins, Oto Klempíř from J.A.R., Vašek Bláha from Divoký Bill, Márdi from Vypsané fixy and the singer-songwriter Pokáč.

Kapitán Demo reworked the song „Who’s Got It“, which he originally wrote for the hit TV series „Lajna“. He didn’t have to change the title, it was a good fit now.

Not left behind was Xindl X, who recorded the song „Roušky“. The song was preceded by a version with sharper lyrics and a melody borrowed from the song „Pijeme colu“ by Michal David.

Source: Pixabay.com

Just like good times, bad times need their own song – Tonda Blaník also did his part, getting the most singers to one ‚coronasong‘ „You’re not in this alone“. The music was written by Midi Lidi from Brno. The lyrics were written by Robert Geisler and Petr Marek. The singers are Marek Daniel, Halka Třešňáková, Michal Dalecký, Petr Marek, Erika Stárková, Václav Kopta, Berenika Kohoutová, Václav Neužil, Dan Bárta, Tereza Ramba, Bára Basiková, Šimon Caban, Lukáš Pavlásek, Tomáš and Tamara Klusovi.