Pre-stock up on herbs for the winter. They will help with illness and in the kitchen

You may have already experienced the power of herbs for yourself. If you don’t like the power of herbs, be sure to stock up for the winter so you don’t miss out on the help you need for your health.

You can use herbs to make syrups, homemade tea blends or in cooking or as a flavouring or seasoning. However, when harvesting, remember to follow the harvesting guidelines:

  • Always pick in a clean area.
  • Never collect around busy roads where there is a risk of contamination from pollutants.
  • Do not use chemical fertilizers and synthetic products when growing.

Use herbs as much as possible

You don’t need dozens of different herbs, often just one is enough and you have a great seasoning for meat, sauces or even sweet baked goods. A great way to use herbs is to make your own seasoning mixes that will last you all winter. When making seasoning salts, focus not only on good quality herbs, but also on choosing the right salt to preserve them. The ideal salt is Himalayan, which is also a great source of iodine.

You can try making your own Italian or Provençal blend. These will then serve you in the preparation of meat and vegetable dishes. But a great tip is to make your own spread mix. This will preserve beautiful memories of summer all winter long.

How to do it?


  • a tablespoon of bear garlic
  • a tablespoon of dried lovage
  • a tablespoon of thyme
  • a tablespoon of calendula

Then you can always just add this mixture to spreadable butter, cottage cheese or cottage cheese and you have a great fresh spread for dinner or snacks.


Drugs that make you sick

Herb mixtures designed to make herbal infusions will definitely come in handy for winter. These can help you get rid of colds, strengthen your immunity or even help with other health ailments. But be careful when working with herbs – only some infusions can be used as a preventive measure, others should only be used when problems arise.