Put an end to unpleasant odours once and for all

Everyone longs for the cosy comfortable environment that our apartment is supposed to provide. And smell is a very important factor. Some people light candles at home, some people light scented sticks and some people just air regularly. Whichever of these activities you do, we can agree that smell is an unwelcome guest. Unfortunately, this is something we all struggle with.

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What causes smell and how we can prevent it

Sometimes it can seep in from outside, but most of the time it comes from your trash can. I’m sure you’ve been home for a while, then decided to go shopping, only to return from the fresh air to find your home smelling unpleasant. The main cause is organic waste. Nowadays, many people sort, thus the smell can come from multiple containers at once. Here are two simple first tips.

  • agree on services with other household members to prevent irregular disposal and subsequent odour
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  • store waste in smaller containers

But if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, you can use one of the following tips


Tips for cleaning your bin

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To prevent odor, the container should be washed regularly. Rubber gloves, water and detergent are usually all you need to do this. It is the most effective method and will only take a moment. If you want to go for a slightly more natural option, use vinegar. Just pour half a glass of vinegar into 4 litres of water and scrub the basket thoroughly. You can even use bread soaked in vinegar and use it instead of a sponge. And for the old-fashioned, I recommend using newspaper. They absorb moisture and the basket won’t smell as bad. Of course, you don’t have to make it your goal just to keep the basket odor-free. It can smell! For that, I recommend using essential oils or citrus peel. Lavender, citrus, mint and tea tree oils are the best choices for this purpose.