Raspberries are a sweet delight that you can easily have even from your own garden

Raspberries are popular not only in their raw form, but also in the cooked form, for example in the form of the popular dessert “Hot Raspberries.” With prices rising all the time, it’s worth thinking about making raspberries part of your own garden. Aside from having your own stock, the advantage is that if you choose a suitable spot for them, you have almost no work growing them.

How do you choose the right site?

When planting a raspberry plant, keep in mind that raspberries are a forest fruit. Thus, a moist and easily permeable soil is suitable for growing them. Combined with moderate shade, plenty of fertilizer and moisture, success is guaranteed.

When and how to plant them?

Autumn or pre-spring is a good time of year when the soil is sufficiently moist. Careful tilling and fertilisation is essential. Then plant the individual shrubs, which should be at least 50 cm apart. Also remember to trim the shrubs by two-thirds of their height before planting. If you decide to place the raspberries close to the fence, dig the bed at a distance from the fence to prevent future growth through the fence.

Source: Pixabay.com

Cut, cut

Shortly after planting, cut the raspberry plant to a length of 20-40 cm. Leave two or three of the strongest shoots in the second year and increase to six to eight in subsequent years. For monoecious varieties, cut the shoots just above the ground to promote the life of the other shoots.

Watch out for pests!

Viroses, which cause yellowing of the leaves, cause lower yields and are also among the most serious. Because yellow leaves often indicate an overly alkaline environment, chemical sprays do not work to combat them. The ideal way to combat this problem is to burn off the flattened shoots. Sufficient spraying is then effective against animal pests.

Let’s go harvesting!

It is important to pick the raspberries without a stalk and as finely as possible. If the fruit cannot be separated, do not use force. Harvested in this way, raspberries are ready for immediate (or early) consumption. If you decide to store them at home for some time, separate the shoot and the fruit.