Read about the new trend of microneedling

It’s a new technique in the beauty field that targets everything from scars to acne to hair loss. The world’s dermatologists are literally raving about this procedure. It is a completely minimally invasive method that can be used to treat the entire body. Experts can improve the appearance of scars, add collagen or stimulate hair growth.

Microneedling originated in 1995

This method may be older, but its boom has only just begun. Mainly thanks to YouTube and Instagram. It can do wonders for your skin. You can watch the microneedling process in several videos. But watch out, there’s blood. But don’t be discouraged. What does microneedling actually do and what does it mean?

  • it is the insertion of very fine and small needles into the skin tissue
  • it creates small holes, but they do not go deep
  • it only affects the surface of the skin

If this method appeals to you, it’s best to seek out a real expert. This procedure can be done at home if you purchase a suitable device, but it is always better to put yourself in the hands of experts. However, expect to pay extra.


Short and long term effects on your skin

Microneedling has strong effects in the short term and could put some people off the treatment. The truth is that your skin will gently swell and turn pink. You will literally glow for a few weeks. Your skin may look inflamed and swollen. But that will heal over time. The important thing is the long term. If you go for microneedling every month, the amount of collagen in your skin will increase by 400%. This will make you younger, fill in wrinkles and give your skin back its lost elasticity.

You can also add regular masks with&nbsphyaluronic acid to this treatment. Get a so-called dermaroller, this can treat and moisturize your skin when you need to. Disposable masks are also great, which you can get in specialty stores. Look for ones with hyaluronic acid.