Rodents sneak into houses to feast on food supplies. They’ll be exterminated in the traditional ways

In the autumn and winter months, homeowners in particular are faced with problem rodents that take up residence in darker basements and utility rooms, feasting on stored food or establishing unwanted colonies. Getting rid of these uninvited guests is particularly important because of the diseases they can carry, but it is often highly problematic. Let’s look at the options we have in this area.

How do you know if mice have taken up residence

Rats are fairly intelligent creatures and can survive in human dwellings for quite a long time without being noticed. They enter houses in a variety of ways, most commonly through air vents or, for example, along eaves. They survive not only in cellars but also under furniture. You can tell that they have moved in by a few warning signs, which are usually:

  • ripped food packaging in the pantry,
  • food scattered in unexpected places in the apartment,
  • scratched wiring of electronic devices,
  • smell of animal feces or droppings in darker corners.

Preventing rodents from entering your home

The safest way to avoid uninvited rodents visiting your home is through effective prevention. This consists mainly of closing windows and doors thoroughly, especially in the basement or ground floor, plugging gaps in the facade or structural penetrations through which rodents could enter the house, and regular cleaning. Aromatic herbs, which are intolerable to rodents, are a very good help. These can be used either as ornamental dried decorations or planted in beds by windows or doors. Herbs such as mint, mullein or chamomile are suitable.


How to get rid of rodents

If pests have already entered your house, you need to get rid of them consistently. The first step is to set out conventional mechanical traps, but these can be dangerous, especially if you have a small child at home or keep free-roaming pets. The alternative is to use the services of professionals who will either recommend an effective poison to use or carry out the extermination, including locating any nests. The risks of using poison are the same as with mechanical traps.