Save space in the fridge without using plastic boxes

Are you following the KonMari principles at home? Then you certainly have everything beautifully organized. But even then, you may run out of space in your fridge. Or you may run out of storage containers to put your food in. What can you do if you have lots of great food but you’ve run out of plastic storage containers? Luckily for you, we have a method that can double the space in your fridge without having to fill up all your plastic containers.

You only need one helper

Next time you head out for sushi, be sure to bring more chopsticks. You’ll need them for this life-changing trick. This discovery, which was originally revealed in a Reddit post, is one of those brilliantly simple life hacks. All you have to do is place two chopsticks side by side over a bowl to create a mini shelf on which you can rest another bowl, and depending on the height of your fridge and the number of chopsticks you’ve collected, even three or four. What are the benefits?

  • Chinese chopsticks are very cheap and easy to find.
  • It saves double or triple the space in your fridge.
  • You won’t have to buy more and more plastic storage boxes.
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The views are contradictory

Comments on the post are quite different. Some argue that using plastic containers is much easier because they are already stackable, while others love the idea because you can use them while eating and you can also use them while serving. This makes reheating and preparing food much easier.


The big advantage of chopsticks is, of course, the fact that you won’t have to wash as many dishes. So in terms of cleaning and maintenance, chopsticks are certainly more practical. However, a hundred people have a hundred opinions and that’s perfectly fine. Try this trick for yourself and see which option suits you better. You won’t know until you try it, though.