Say goodbye to oily skin, sometimes all it takes is a change of food

In the morning before going to school or work, you take one last look in the mirror and everything is perfectly fine. How is it possible that around noon you suddenly find your skin shiny? What’s to blame? We’ll explain the causes of oily skin and how to get rid of it.

What causes it?

Oily skin is caused by increased sebum production. Together with the sweat that naturally forms on the skin during the day, an oily filter is formed, which mainly covers the cheeks and forehead. While some women have been struggling with oily skin since childhood and it is nothing new to them, some are literally caught off guard by this problem at some stage in their lives. Skin is an indicator of hormonal changes in the body, so major events such as changing birth control, pregnancy or transitioning naturally affect it.


Your diet plays a role

Although we all know we should eat healthy and we do, we often forget the basics like drinking regularly. Although it may seem strange, shiny skin is actually dehydrated skin. Therefore, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. Ideally, set a golden rule – drink one glass of water every hour.


Right Care Plays First

Forget about cleaning your skin with brute force. You’re only irritating your skin and setting yourself up for a big problem. Instead, follow the tips that will really help you fight oil:

  • Start with a peel, after using it you will experience a real fresh feeling.
  • Choose a suitable product containing salicylic acid or cleansing clay.
  • At least once a week, give yourself a relaxing cleansing mask.
  • For make-up removal, choose an alcohol-free toner or Tea Tree Oil.

Finally, all you have to do is choose the right makeup. S Your beautician can help you with this, or you can improvise your own at home. Make sure you don’t forget a mattifying foundation to ensure that your make-up lasts longer, even on a busy day.