Scientists confirm that smoking marijuana harms the fetus

Marijuana is one of the so-called recreational drugs that is widely known to help with nausea. Some women might therefore think that it could help them in pregnancy. But beware. There are several studies that agree that marijuana harms your unborn baby. It increases the risk of a child developing PAS, or autism spectrum disorder, several times over.

Protect yourself and your baby

Marijuana is one of the drugs that is said to deepen the psyche. If the user has a predisposition to mental disorders, it is very likely that he or she will indeed develop this illness because of marijuana use. Yet without marijuana, it might never have manifested itself. Yet some mothers take the risk of using the drug during pregnancy. What does scientific research say about this?

  • marijuana use reduces a baby’s birth weight
  • increases the risk of later autism
  • damages fetal brain development

The risk is really high, as according to Canadian researchers, this chance increases by up to fifty percent, and that’s really not a small number. The research was conducted by asking mothers if they used marijuana during pregnancy. The children of 2.2 percent of the women who used the drug were diagnosed with autism.


Marijuana harms the unborn child

Although the drug is consumed by the mother, the harmful substances enter the amniotic fluid. The baby thus ingests all the substances ingested by the mother. This is also true of alcohol, cigarettes and hard drugs. Children of drug addicts even have withdrawal symptoms.

It is alarming that research in the United States and Canada is recording more and more women using marijuana during pregnancy, supposedly to reduce nausea. Yet the drug has been shown to have an adverse effect on the development of the child’s brain. The question is whether it would be better to overcome the momentary nausea. The consequences will be borne for life by both the child and the mother.