Scraps and other waste don’t belong in the bin, they serve as a free foundation for a designer garden

For gardeners, spring is not yet in sight and apartment dwellers miss a bit of their nature all the time. But there’s nothing easier than making a little garden of sorts to delight the eye and the heart at home. You don’t have to have pots lying around your home. It’s much nicer and easier to care for to plant a few plants together in a mini garden.

The key is to use a suitable container

A suitable container means, first and foremost, a container in which the flowers feel comfortable. It must not be too small so that they have enough space for their roots. At the same time, it must not be too large, so that the plants do not die. When you put the plants together, they should have about 1 cm of space on each side. Also think about what your plants will look good in, it doesn’t have to be just pots. For example, try using:

  • an unused aquarium
  • meat
  • cooking bottle

Don’t throw away shards from broken ceramic pots or dishes either, you may still find them useful. If you find a variety of dolls, animals, coloured sand, pebbles or pine cones at home, consider finding a use for them.


How do you make your own planting to make a garden look interesting?

First of all, fill the container with dirt and think about the placement of the plants. Once you’ve planted the flowers, it’s time for your creative self. Now, go through what you have available for the garden and what would stand out in it. What about placing a pet in the garden to brighten it up? Or on the other hand, do you prefer natural materials, using pebbles, sticks and bark? A few broken ceramic pots stacked on top of each other also looks very good, which can be used to create an economical upstairs garden.


A little disclaimer at the end

Always choose plants that are suitable for your conditions. First, decide where you want to place the container of flowers and choose suitable plants accordingly. Only plant together plants that not only have the same light requirements, but also watering requirements &#8211 you can’t put a plant that requires constantly moist soil with something like a cactus or succulent.