Secure your home from thieves

Home for most people means love and security. However, you can never be sure if your home will become a target for a burglar. Along with technological advancements, security systems of various kinds continue to evolve, competition increases and security systems become more affordable.

The system reduces the likelihood of theft

In cases where there have been repeated thefts, installing a security system has prevented more. For example, just the fact that you have a CCTV system in a visible location, or point it out with a sign, greatly reduces the chances of a thief choosing you as a target for theft. Some will certainly think of getting fake cameras as a solution, which, even though they flash and look real, seasoned thieves will recognize from the classic ones!


Technology on our side

Installing a camera system or a basic alarm system is definitely not a foolproof process and can be done by any technically capable person without the help of a professional. The alarm uses magnetic open detectors that work on a very simple principle. The first half of the detector is placed on the door frame, the second half on the door so that it is adjacent and creates a magnetic field. These detectors can also be placed on windows If an alarm is triggered and the magnetic field is interrupted, a siren is sounded. With modern systems, everything is linked to smartphones and you get instant alerts.


Does this make sense?

Security must always be proportional to what it protects. Before purchasing, it is advisable to look at crime statistics in your area, assess your property and decide if the systems are in proportion to the price, relative to the property. However, if you live in a high-risk area and have a house full of valuables, you should not underestimate the situation. The main benefits therefore include:

  • Deterring a potential offender from stealing
  • Informing if a theft has occurred
  • Chance for better property insurance
  • An overview of home in absence