Seeds and a few cups of the famous tea can bring relief to the intestines

According to estimates, about twenty percent of the population has problems with regular defecation. This fact is probably not helped by the fact that more and more people have sedentary jobs. Then constipation can easily make life unpleasant. We will advise you how to effectively deal with these problems in home conditions, it is not difficult.

Improve the general composition of your diet

Fibre in particular can be a great ally in the fight against constipation. So focus on foods that contain fibre. This includes, for example, fruits, vegetables, or whole grain cereals. You should eat at least 400 grams of fresh fruit or vegetables every day to really cleanse your bowels. For example, plums in any state (pickled or dried) will be very beneficial. Sauerkraut (ideally homemade), which contains probiotic bacteria, also has beneficial effects. Among other things, it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood or improves digestion and speeds up metabolism. You can also add fibre by sipping sauerkraut juice. Most importantly, you’ll also boost your immune system!

The cleansing power of flaxseeds

Your intestines will be in good shape if you include flaxseeds in your diet. Prepare these by dropping a tablespoon of flaxseeds into a glass of hot water and letting them swell for at least two hours. Then consume the drink (preferably in the morning on an empty stomach or at bedtime). Not for nothing are flaxseeds known as a superfood.


Start moving more

Constipation can also be associated with lack of physical activity, as mentioned in the introduction. Unfortunately, this problem is becoming more and more prevalent. People spend a lot of time in front of computers as part of their jobs and do not have much time for sport. Yet movement is one of the basic preventive factors that can prevent irregular and difficult defecation. Even half an hour of brisk walking or warming up a day is enough. This will get your intestinal peristalsis moving perfectly and also improve your fitness.

Avoid eating sweets, especially chocolate

If you like to snack, it can also cause your intestines a lot of trouble. Chocolate treats in particular are unhealthy and can cause constipation. So limit eating these sweets and avoid high percentage chocolate (with more than 60% cocoa content). Instead of these sweets, reach for strawberries, which contain bromelin, which is good for digestion. Also try to eliminate fatty and fried foods from your diet.

Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to drink regular fluids, especially clean water. Herbal teas made from chamomile, mint, lemon balm, St John’s wort or fennel are also suitable. You should drink at least two to three litres of fluid per day to keep your body working as it should. However, avoid sugary sodas and carbonated drinks.