She doesn’t throw the tea bags in the trash anymore, she’s found it’s better to spread them around the house

In addition to coffee grounds, you can also reuse tea bags. They are used to repel ants, spiders or even rats. Most people throw away tea bags after using them because they don’t know that they have other uses besides making tea. After using them, you can reuse them in the kitchen or throughout the home.

You can use them to clean carpets or glass

If you need to clean your carpet, gently dry a few tea bags and dump the contents onto the surface of the carpet. Allow it to dry and then vacuum dry the carpet. The bags will work the same way for glass surfaces such as a window, mirror or glass. Place the tea bags in warm water and then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Spray the surface and wipe with a dry cloth.

Used tea bags are also ideal for polishing floors and furniture. All you have to do is sprinkle it on the surface and wipe with a dry cloth. It’s also a great degreaser that handles dirty dishes and removes unpleasant odors. Run warm water in the sink and put a few tea bags in it. Then add the dishes to remove all the grease.


They do not neutralize odors and act as an air freshener

You can put the tea bags in the refrigerator or in a cat litter box. You can also put a few in the litter box to neutralize the smell. You can also put them in your closet, kitchen or other rooms as a home air freshener. Just put them in an invisible place so they are out of sight.

If you are troubled by unpleasantly smelly hands, tea bags can help here too. This will get rid of odours from onions, garlic or fish. They can also help you in the garden. If you want to get rid of mould on your plants, soak used tea bags in warm water and let it darken. Then spray the plant with this solution.


Natural soil fertilizer will guarantee you tea bags. Just pour the contents of the bags on the soil where the plants are growing. You can also easily start a home compost with tea bags. But first remove any metal parts they may contain.

It also works great as an insect or rodent repellent. If you want an even more effective remedy, mix the tea with peppermint oil. So now you know how to use tea bags – so never throw them away, they’ll come in handy in the home and garden. Plus, you can store them used in the fridge. But they won’t last forever, so if they start to smell, it’s best to throw them away.