Showering with cold water has more positives than many women suspect

Are you one of the half of humanity that loves heat and hot water? Does the mere thought of an icy shower make you feel cold even in the sultry summer?

Maybe when I introduce you to the benefits of a cold shower, it will entice you to at least make a small attempt to start hardening off, because it’s definitely worth it.


Research shows that cold showers gradually accustom you to cold temperatures, which your body is then sufficiently prepared for during the winter months. It is even more resistant to sudden changes in temperature as you move from heat to cold and vice versa.


Which diseases won’t stand a chance with you anymore?

  • Inflammation
  • Fall Virus
  • Rhinitis
  • Cough

Energy boost

Do you consider yourself a sleeper who has trouble waking up in the morning? Do you creep around your apartment in half-sleep and the day doesn’t start for you without a cup of coffee? A cold shower in the morning will definitely wake you up and energize you. Cold water will release adrenaline into your body and make you feel refreshed.

For a change, a cold shower in the evening can be relaxing for you. It will make you feel happy and clear your head. It contributes to not only the release of endorphins, but also the feeling of victory that you have managed to win over yourself. In a short time you will start to lower the water temperature and extend the time under the shower just for the feeling of breaking a personal record.


Take care of your health and overall well-being

Healthy blood circulation

Cold water is great not only for the heart, but for the entire circulatory system, which it stimulates positively.

Bright and youthful skin

High temperatures cause drying of the skin. We try to add moisture to it with various creams and cosmetic products. After an ice shower, your skin will be blood-soaked, soft and glowing. Here it is doubly true that you have to suffer for beauty.

You won’t be cold in the winter

A cold shower will help your body get used to the cold and cope with it better. By gradually toughening up, you will train it to retain heat better and warm up better naturally.

How do I get started with hardening?

Don’t want to prove the impossible right away. Start showering from your feet, and if you’re uncomfortable with cold water, turn it down just a few degrees to start. If you persevere, the results will come.