Simple tips for removing weeds and moss from your outdoor paving

Plevel in paving stones can be a nuisance for many garden owners. Not only does it give your patio a shabby look, but it also has a partly negative effect on the appearance of your paving. It should also be mentioned that wet or slightly icy grass growing out of your paving can also easily cause injury, especially on sloping ground.

Mechanical cleaning can be laborious

Those who clean their pavement by hand using hooks, scrapers and other tools will agree with me that it is a tedious and, for some, quite strenuous job. Grass roots often break off and weeds or moss grow and grow in the rainy summers. Such weeding often makes the back and knees ache.

You can make the job a little easier if you use a crevice brush. For added comfort, it is usually equipped with a telescopic handle that easily adjusts to body height. Although weeds will still be removed using mechanical force, you no longer have to bend down to work.

For those of you who would like to keep your joints and pavement clean and free of all weeds, grasses and moss without any work, here is a great type. Your patio, driveway and much more will be clean in minutes.


Try a simple trick and weeds won’t stand a chance.

What will you need?

  • Vinegar – 3,5l
  • Salt – 200 g
  • Cleaning agent – 0.25l
  • Spray bottle – 1pc


Mix vinegar, salt and detergent in a suitable container. The salt must be perfectly dissolved and must not settle at the bottom, so stir long enough.

Fill the spray bottle with this mixture and apply to the weeds. Repeat after 2-4 days until the weeds have disappeared.

Tip for you:

You can make a spray bottle using a standard plastic bottle. You make a hole in the cap with a sharp object. You can punch one larger one, or several smaller ones. Any sharp-pointed object and a hammer will do. You can also use a drill or a corkscrew. Then you fill the bottle with the mixture, cap it and you have a simple squirt bottle.

This simple guide will not only clean your pavement, but you can use the concentrate wherever grass and weeds get in the way and disrupt the overall look. This could be under a pot, a planter, at the base of a house, etc. Remember, you must not use this solution in close proximity to your plants, it could damage them.