Simple vinegar and a little salt help housewives with faded laundry

Laundry washing may seem like a simple household activity, and there’s nothing complicated about it. Plus, if you have a quality appliance and laundry detergent, there’s nothing to worry about. Throw your laundry in the drum, fill the tank with the appropriate detergent or gel, turn it on and let the washing machine do its job. But having beautifully clean laundry with perfect colors is quite a science. For example, black may not be black in a few days, but a dingy grey, and none of us want that. Black paint wears off easily and its intensity fades. But if you follow these tricks, your black clothes will stay black for a long, long time.

Try to wash dark clothes less often

It’s a paradox, but it’s washing that damages clothes the most. And black is no exception. So unless dark clothes are really dirty and you only wear them for a short time, don’t wash them. Frequent washing will turn black into grey and leave you with nothing but eyes to cry on.

Sort your laundry like a pro

Carefully sort your clothes before each wash. Remember these categories:

  • Black and very dark clothes
  • White and very light
  • Coloured
  • Special (some sweaters, delicate materials)

You might think that black clothes don’t let go much, like red for example, but you’d be surprised. There is no color material that doesn’t let go. So the simple rule is – only wash black with black or another very dark colour.


Turn your clothes inside out

Another destructive tool is wiping laundry in the washing machine drum. Once you turn on the appliance, any movement of the drum forces clothes to rub against each other, destroying their colour. But if you turn the clothes inside out, you can avoid this problem.

Think about the right programme

Laundry isn’t just about throwing your clothes in the washing machine and pressing a button. You need to choose the right programme and temperature. Remember that very high temperatures are bad for colours. They remove them quickly from any material. So try to wash dark pieces of clothing on the lowest setting. We believe that clothes you normally wear do not stain too quickly and therefore do not require washing at high temperatures.

Protect your clothes from sunlight

At the very least, don’t dry your black clothes in direct sunlight, only in the shade. Strong sunlight can make the black colour fade.

Extra tips for the end

You can also use a few household gadgets you find in your kitchen when doing laundry. For example, add 250ml of vinegar to the rinse stage. You can also use some table salt for washing, about 125 ml is enough. And, of course, you can’t miss baking soda, a helper for everything you can think of. Add about 125 ml directly to the laundry in the washing machine drum.