Sleeping with wet hair can give you health risks

Many of us indulge in a warm shower in the evening before going to bed, which relaxes the body and helps overall relaxation. Then our journey often leads straight to bed, to the warmth of the duvet. Sleeping with a wet head should never be underestimated, however, and you should dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed. Otherwise, you’re just heading towards a fungal scalp inflammation and general immunity problems.

Moisture only breeds bacteria

A moist and warm scalp is an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. This condition can turn into a fierce battle with inflammation. Dermatitis can manifest as itching or peeling skin particles, which can progress to a chronic condition that requires treatment. If you suffer from skin problems frequently, it is even considered advisable to change your bedding frequently.

Dandruff and headaches

It doesn’t sound so scary at first, until the problem actually occurs. Then we just look for the most expensive products to get rid of the dandruff. Yet we can prevent it just by drying our hair after a bath. In addition, blow-drying your hair reduces greasiness and prevents hair loss, so your hair will stay beautiful longer. At the same time, you shouldn’t underestimate the possible occurrence of migraines. Differences in head and body temperature can cause headaches.


Prevent them from breaking and damaging

You can sleep however soundly, but your hair will still get tangled. Rubbing it against your pillow also breaks and frays it. You wake up in the morning with hair that’s hard to comb. And when you do try, you find that you have to almost comb it out. Such drastic treatment cannot leave your hair in a healthy condition. So make sure you take the gentlest possible care of your hair.

How to care for your hair?

It is ideal to blow-dry and gently brush your hair after bathing. During the hair care process, you can use products that provide long-lasting shine and nourish your hair in a beneficial way, such as:

  • oils for damaged hair,
  • masks and other nourishing treatments,
  • balms and restorative conditioners,
  • hair lotions and sprays.

Another possible solution is to leave washing your head for the morning. In addition, you can style your hair into your desired style before washing. Blow-dry your hair into beautiful waves, or try flat ironing it. You’ll see how fresh your hair looks in the morning!