Smell your home, preferably without chemicals and for a few crowns

A odour in the apartment can be caused by many reasons, the most common include:

  • cough
  • waste
  • pets
  • spoiled food
  • mold

But we have 10 tips for you to get rid of unpleasant smells.


Ventilate regularly to get rid of stale air. It’s best to open windows that are located on different sides of the room. Ventilate every day, at least for a few minutes.

Get rid of the cause

You need to clean all things that smell. Clean the drains, wash a smelly sofa or your pet’s bed, look behind the sofa and cupboards to see if there is anything hiding there that is causing the smell.



Add a fragrant aroma to your home. Scented candles, sticks or air fresheners can help, and these days you can plug them into an outlet and adjust the dosage.


Carpets harbour not only dust mites but also odours. Use a carpet freshener before vacuuming, then it will smell nice again. Carpet freshener can also replace baby powder.

Good food

When you cook or bake something good, a delicious aroma will waft through your home. Plus, you’ll have something good to munch on.


Scented Steam

Put water on the stove to boil and add ingredients that smell good to you. For example, you can use cinnamon, essential oils or orange cure. The steam from the pot will spread the scent around your home.

Scented Cleaner

Use a cleaning product that has a pleasant scent. Afterwards, you will only need to use this detergent to wash the surfaces.

Washing machine

Nothing smells better than laundry that has just been washed and dried. If you regularly wash bedspreads, cushions, curtains and other fabric decorative items, it will greatly help the smell in your home.

Scent Bombs

Soak a cotton swab in essential oil to create perfume bombs. Then place them around your home in different ways. You can put them behind furniture or in flowers, for example.


Mix a little fabric softener with water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Then use behind curtains, drapes, sofa, cushions, etc. You can also dilute an all-purpose cleaner in the same way.