Snowfall threatens birds, a simple pot can save their lives

Outdoors, temperatures have dropped to zero during the day, which is the perfect time to make a bird feeder to place in your garden, on your patio or balcony so you can watch the birds all winter long. In addition, you’ll also give them easy access to food so they won’t go hungry. Today we’re going to look at making a very simple bird feeder that will only cost you a little time, but otherwise practically nothing. Moreover, anyone can make one, including children, who you can invite to join in.


What do you need and how to get started?

If you have kids, a bird feeder is a must-have during the winter that you can’t do without. You can make a new one every year without having to buy one and pay for it unnecessarily. Of course, if you want to attract birds to your home, you also need to prepare some treats for them and, most importantly, put food there regularly. What will you need to make the bird feeder itself? You will need:

  • a small pot,
  • acrylic paint,
  • a long piece of ribbon,
  • cones, twigs or clusters of berries.

First of all, ask the children to choose a suitable pot and wash it. A smaller one will do, but it must be big enough to hold enough food. You can feel free to use plastic ones, but a classic terracotta one will look much better. But of course, the choice is yours. When it’s dry, use acrylic paint and paint the rim of the pot with grey paint, for example.

Stuff and decoration add a beautiful look

Take a long piece of ribbon in the colour of your choice and thread it through the hole in the bottom of the pot and tie it at the top to create an eyelet for the pot to hang from. Don’t cut the rest of the ribbon, as the whole feeder will hang from a branch or bracket depending on where you want to place it. Of course, if you prefer all-natural materials, you can also use regular string, which will work just as well. For extra decoration, you can tie small twigs, pine cones or berries such as rowan berries to the ribbon. Then just fill the pot with birdseed and enjoy the little visitors.