Spring cleaning without stress and hustle systematically and with good mood

We all know it – with the warmer weather coming, it’s time for a thorough spring cleaning, which includes an absolute “debordelization” of the apartment or house. Washing all the windows, getting rid of dust and dirt behind the furniture, rearranging the wardrobes and sorting out unworn clothes. These are just some of the activities that need to be done in connection with spring cleaning. How can you make this, for most people, unpopular duty more pleasant and easier? Here’s some advice!

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With gusto, half done!

It sounds like a cliché, but it really is. If you set out to tackle the mess in a good mood, you’ll not only have a great time cleaning up, but you’ll also have a lot of fun doing it. From washing the bathroom tiles to dusting the pictures and shelves, why not put on your favourite music and enjoy yourself? Tip for the adventurous: if it’s fun, have fun – crazy dancing allowed! Have all your cleaning products ready. If you find you’re missing something, it’s okay! You can do without chemicals. The best helpers for cleaning and disinfecting are: baking soda, vinegar and citric acid. Another tip is to be systematic:

  • room by room,
  • top to bottom,
  • by activity.
Source: Pixabay.com

Find a way that works for you

Everyone goes about it differently. Some people clean rooms one at a time – you can set aside one room for each day and really clean it thoroughly. The top-down approach is more complicated. Start with the ceilings – yes, dust sits on the walls and ceiling too, so it’s a good idea to dust the walls lightly with a duster. Continue through shelves, windows and other decorations until you finally end up at the floors. This process ensures that no spot goes unnoticed. Last on our list is the activity-based cleaning system. This form of cleaning requires more planning and the whole apartment or house is cleaned at once. For example, we start by washing the windows throughout the house, continue by dusting, etc. This method does not guarantee that you can do everything in one day. We wish you to have a good cleaning day.