Thanks to the bread slice, laborious painting can be avoided, just stick it on the wall and remove the stains

Almost no paint works as a perfect wall protection against stains. We’ve got some tips for you to get rid of those unsightly stains on your walls. The first step is to be clear about what colour you have painted your wall. It doesn’t matter if the wall is yellow or any other colour. What we mean is, of course, the type of paint. In the case of a wall with a washable acrylic paint, you’ve basically won. You can get by with a sponge, detergent and water. However, this type of paint is more common, for example, in common areas than in apartments.

Some important principles to start with

Be careful, paint can smear and you can cause even more damage to yourself. Lukewarm clean water works best. But that’s often not enough. Then try making a weak soap solution. Keep the water and sponge clean so you don’t get any more dirt into your paint. Beware of cleaning products you normally use in the home, they may contain solvents. Some kitchen products also have abrasive additives. This can damage your wall. And the bottom line. Only ever wash the wall in one direction.


Proven remedies for wall stains

You can try baking soda. Almost every housewife has it in her kitchen. Prepare a slurry of soda and water and rub it on the stains on the wall and leave it for a while. Diluted vinegar is another effective remedy, and you can add baking soda to it again.

For grease stains, try the following tricks:

  • use a piece of bread as an eraser and try to erase the grease;
  • apply potato starch or potato flour to a cloth and wipe off the grease;
  • grated chalk can be used in the same way as starch, rub the place and let the grease soak in.

Sometimes, though, even the best advice won’t help, and depending on how deep the pollution goes, you’ll need to repair the wall. Sometimes you just need to repaint again. But in the case of grease stains, it’s better to scrape the affected area, as the grease penetrates deeply. Count on the fact that the longer it is on the wall, the deeper it will be.