The 4 most distinctive features of the minimalist style in the interior

Minimalism in interior design is a design style that expresses simplicity, clean lines, simple and minimal colours as well as basic shapes. It highlights architectural features rather than a space overwhelmed with decorations. Minimalist design is a very simple way to get rid of old clutter and live a better and fuller life. Among the features that unite the minimalist style are several aspects, read on for a few of them.

Clean lines and open spaces

Minimalist style does not include any unnecessary visual elements, it likes honest furniture with rich texture and clean design. Details, like decorations, are neutral in colour, usually in the colour of the room’s centrepiece. This can be a sofa or a living room wall. Overall, this style is practiced and looks best in open spaces with plenty of light, which gives a calming and harmonising impression.


Monochromatic Colors

Another feature for minimalist apartments is monochromatic colors, which means you should only choose one color and its shades. Some of the basic colours from the monochromatic palette include white, black, grey and brown. Since it is a minimal style, you should not mix multiple bold colors together. If you’re worried about your interior being boring, for example, use a sofa in the darkest shade of your choice, or a beautiful and subtle table decoration. For an example, brown might be the best colour to apply. Choose and combine these brown tones: beige, coffee and dark brown.

Everything must be functional

All furniture and elements must be functional and necessary to live comfortably in a particular personal space or other interior. Choose furniture that is practical and simple, such as built-in wardrobes, low TV tables, folding coffee tables and more. Any furniture in such a space should be free of unnecessary decorative details and preferably without handles to replace the internal door mechanism.